Please read my Terms and Conditions 

 All Antique furniture will have had a visit from the woodworm beetle at some time in its past, the holes are the Beetles  leaving the piece of furniture

  If we detect live woodworm we treat that area with a chemical killer

   Most of the antique furniture in my online store will have been repaired and restored, we list major repairs (new    Feet/cornice/ect 

  Stripped Pine Furniture has undertaken a chemical stripping process to dislove old paint and to expose the origional  beauty of the wood grain. Total  immersion in  Liquid caustic soda is the most common means of  achieving  this

   All larger pieces in my store are listed with the cost of delivery as an extra. I have a small list of independent  delivery men that I have used in the past,and I am happy to email you their phone number.  I do not guarantee their services and I expect you to make all delivery arrangements and to check that they are properly insured.

  I accept no responabilty for Glass/Mirrors/ and Marble tops once they have left my shop or furniture store

  You are welcome to meet us and pick up your  furniture yourself from my shop or furniture store

   I will put a 7 day temporally reserve on a piece of furniture while you arrange delivery or view the item before you arrange delivery ,but if I don’t hear or receive a email from you during the 7 days I will take the reserve off the item before the reserve period ends and put the item back on sale.  I accept no responsibility for any costs that you might have meet during the 7 days reserve  period if I end it earlier                                                                                                                                                  I expect full payment before the piece leaves my shop/store

 Before you pay and arrange delivery, please make sure you have all the dimensions  needed of the piece of furniture  you are about to buy and you are sure it will go though all doors and will go up stairs if needed once it is delivered to your home

  I will  accept a piece of furniture back and give you a full refund minius any bank charges, but it must be within 25 days of purchase and in the same condition when it left us

  All return delivery costs  are to be paid by you

   All items sold by me are fit for purpose but will show signs of ware and tare to be expected when you buy Antique/Vintage/or secondhand items.  Dents/scratches/woodworm damage/and blemishes are not a reason to return an item

  I encourage customers to contact me to ask questions or to view different photos than the ones on my website in relations to a piece of stock before you buy, just as you would in a shop on the high street

                     Email address

  If you do not think you will want to accept any of my term and conditions please don’t order any thing from my online antique shop

Thank you for reading my guild to buying at my online antique shop


 Regards  Mike Button